Shooby Shooby Do Yah 3Boxes Shake Ya Boogie The Orchestra of Cars Bubbles The Night Express Experyment 2005

The animation features three cubic characters playing chase and catch game. While the biggest cube (The Gimp) wakes up, it realizes it's being hunted by two smaller opponents. It takes a while before it realizes its actual potential to strike back.

Behind the scenes

The animation was one of the first attempts in 3D animation. It actually allowed to study many of the animation solutions available in 3D software. Because of the abstract nature of cubic characters it also required to develop deformation stacks that met specific animation requirements. Apart from twisting and bending the shape, some of the scenes required manually generated volume deformers and IK solutions commonly available across 3D packages.

The main goals were oriented towards illustrating:

  • tension
  • dynamics
  • volume and mass
  • acting
The animation also features one of early global illumination algorithm implementations.