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Shooby Shooby Do Yah! is a music video featuring audio track by nu-jazz musician Mocean Worker. The music set the initial impulse for making the animation, fusing very rhythmic melody with the chaotic movement of locomotive in a very vivid, archetypal environment of the nature.

Behind the scenes

I decided to go into very vibrant, colorful and simple style in order to keep the realization within reasonable timeframe, making it visually attractive at the same time. The reason for this was to keep the message as simple as possible yet very much alive and spontaneous. The rhythm of melody and animation of the locomotive resambles of a heart beat. There is a certain degree of inspiration by synthetic cubism. While the final result most possibly targets the young, there is a little bit more behind of what is happening. Once you apply symbolic interpretation things tend to be read in quite an interesting way I guess.

The message

The message I wanted to carry through this video regards personal growth. The central point of the animation is locomotive. It symbolizes personality, it is built in a way that it strongly reflects the sky but also absorbs much of the color. It is the case in reality where we build our personalities through absorbing experiences we come across. With every early shot the locomotive gives a birth to new component and it is the same here, where one learns/realizes new things while gathering the experiences. There seems to be an interesting symmetry between the richness of our cognition and the environment we live in. Basically every time one becomes more conscious, it is reflected in the ability to notice the reality in new light. Every time a new component is born, it is reflected in birth of a new thing in reality of the animation. This is why the objects are so simplified and narrowed down to essential forms, often chopped, to reflect the mental environment of categorization of the world around us and seeing it through essential symbols.

So going through the ups and downs of our lives gathering the experiences, often trying to avoid emotional turmoil (symbolized by the water component in the animation), there is a socially constructed form of personality finding itself going forward in an unknown environment. Every human being has a general need to pick certain path of life. Often unable to realize, it is only at certain point of personal growth that the life path or social role becomes apparent (ie. who am I going to be). It is marked by the shot where the levitating parts hit the ground with wheels. The rails symbolize the life path. And it's only at certain point where one becomes mature enough to be self-sufficient and carry one's live further without the invisible hand of social support (usually parents), to stand on one's own feet. The rails that are being created as the train raids through, represent the unknown future. The past is always written, the future is often unpredictable, but it's uncovering with every single moment.

At some point the human figure appears inside the train... This is very remarkable moment, because it is only at some point that the human factor in born. It is interesting that not every human being may show empathy easily, which I closely connect with the quality of human being. Some of us are more or less tied to the constructed personality (the locomotive) and there's no glimpse of human quality driving their lives but more constructed notition that drives their experience, thus the human inside does not seem to appear.

The desert part shows moment one learns to actually adapt the personality based on the environmental needs around. It is the driver that squeezes the train in order to get through the abyss (symbolizing uncertain life's situation). There seems to be an invisible thread that pulls the rails in the times of danger despite the weight of the train. Would not that be the spiritual element that often invisibly drives us toward wider perspectives?

Symbol Description
Railroad Band connecting different contexts
Train Self-expanding mechanism, gathering experiences
Driver Consciousness
Locations Source of experiences

The sky sequence symbolizes the apex of social development of a human being. It depicts the conceptual freedom where one can drive one's life in any direction with imagination. The only background is the sky with no limits symbolizing thoughts and free, open minded approach. The moment the train splits into two represents basic dialectical thinking, where two opposing forces are extracted in order to integrate them while solving a problem or meeting unexpected experience. Be it emotion against reason, feminine against masculine, care against autonomy. These two are contained within the mental space and carefully weighted so they work in synergy to reach new horizons. Also notice the speed of the train goes higher as it approaches this moment of animation, it's the culmination point of the story too.

The last part of the animation with the city conveys the message of capitalization of the experiences each of us brings into society. This is where our experiences are being judged based on socially defined values. There's often this inner or outer pressure in each of us to conform to certain realities in terms of our achievements. Let it be having a house, a family or gaining some sort of social recognition etc. This pressure element is represented by the clerk checking carefully if all of the cars are present.

At the end of each location a car is born. Every car symbolizes the essence of experience within given environment, further enriching and extending one's personality. The animation represents the journey of one's life and the notation that each of us contributes to the society through the very experiences. They are all stored in the collective memory of a society (represented by the safe). Most notable are stored in museums, institutions, at the universities and they are actually the momentum driving the advance of every society. I kept the animation of people inside the city very simple and rigid to express the linear reasoning of conventional sphere. Please contrast it with the fluid motions of the driver and the bouncy rhythm of his locomotive.