Shooby Shooby Do Yah 3Boxes Shake Ya Boogie The Orchestra of Cars Bubbles The Night Express Experyment 2005

Night time brings many uncertainties. This sentence describes well the essence of the story adapted in The Night Express. Who is the passenger of the train? What is his motif? What happened on the abandoned railway station? These are few of the questions that arise.

Behind the scenes

Technically-wise the animation is a mix of traditional approach with the power of computer image manipulation. Many of the drawings had its beginning on the piece of paper but the final result was available after heavy processing with digital tools. This allowed to bring the specific mood for telling the story. Some of the scenes use traditional approach which is inverting the drawing sequence to negative in order to retrieve rich blacks with strong white accents. The technical idea behind the animation was in efficient use of animation cycles. This allows to tell the story with extensive use of available animation sequences.