Shooby Shooby Do Yah 3Boxes Shake Ya Boogie The Orchestra of Cars Bubbles The Night Express Experyment 2005

Like every morning the city comes alive again filling empty streets with loads of commuters. Elbows and strikes are very common experience, but in the end it appears it is the transport and communication that makes the city functional and lively.

Behind the scenes

The used technique reminds paper-cut animation, although it was done exclusively in digital environment. The idea behind it was to prepare backgrounds in traditional media then digitize them and use in the animation. The cars were animated by duplication and offsetting in time, sometimes breaking the cycle to introduce diversity. Distinct shapes matched sharp animation very well resulting in consistent visual experience fitting the story. One of the interesting things is how flipping the video footage at the montage stage appeared to enhance the story amplifying it even more.