Recent activity


New animation

New animation: Shooby Shooby Do Yah! has been added in the Animation site section. Have fun. :)

New site section

New section: Case Study has been added to the site. It shows latest research in vfx and animation field.

Site content update

Each animation has now dedicated sub-page with short description, "Behind the scenes" section and the video embedded directly in the page. Informations are available after clicking "WATCH" button in Animation section.

RSS feed

Lately I decided to put up an RSS feed for those who would like to stay up to date with the site content.

Site design update

The new site design is already up and running. Animations have been put on Vimeo servers for easy access. Downloadable versions are available in .mov format. Painting and drawing have been merged and updated into one nifty Concept Art section. Hope you will enjoy it.

Freelance animator job at PI

I have had a great opportunity to visit Platige Image headquarters in order to cooperate on 'What A Channel' animation show during the summer season.
what a channel web site